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By following the correct application method carefully, you can achieve salon-style full wispy lashes for a fraction of the salon prices. At home strip lashes have been designed to be as easy as possible to apply: To keep your delicate lash extensions looking excellent for as long as possible, you will require an infill after three to four weeks, when half of your natural lashes start to fall out. Within a short period of time, Eylure’s false eyelashes were happily making their way into department stores and chemists across the UK. They became the leading name for false eyelashes and accessories for the nation, and at the time, they had very little competition at all. If you are a total beginner with false eyelashes, wispy lashes are a game changer and everyone will notice your beautiful long w ispy lashes. It can be difficult when choosing the first time round, but once you know, you know! Proper care will also help them last longer, so you’ll get more wear from your false lashes. Read more about lash care.

The sweeping pattern of Eylure Light & Wispy 3/4 Length Lashes in style 014 is impressive. These artificial eyelashes are ideal for giving a cat’s eye a flaring finish as soon as they are placed on the outer part of the eyelids. These three-quarter lashes were painstakingly crafted using wispy, fragile lash strands. Those lash strands have been grouped together to add a little volume from corner to corner. Once applied, Eylure 014 lashes are perfect for achieving a delicate and natural appearance. Eylure strives to provide high-quality products that are innovative and designed explicitly for false eyelash devotees and makeup artists alike. Eylure have set the standard high, and their products have also been developed with price-points that are accessible and affordable too. Since Eylure’s conception, the company has dedicated its efforts to creating beautiful eyes that are alluring and sophisticated. Katy Perry famously fluttered around in Paris with our Luxe Cameo Lashes, adding a soft pink lid to bring any airy and vibrant feel. Paris Hilton Frequently brush your eyelashes with a fresh, clean spoolie or comb to remove lash adhesive or any other debris. There's a large number of celebs that use E ylure false eyelashes, and it seems as though t hey just keep growing in popularity. Just take a look at some of our favourite celebrities sporting Eylure Falsies below: Katy Perry

Eylure Lashes – The Range

Some companies make their products using beeswax, silk, carmine, snail snot (snail mucin), and other animal-based ingredients. Eylure is committed to not using any products that contain any animal products, which means you won’t find snail snot in their lashes. Are Eylure lashes synthetic? To create the effect, false cat eye lash designs are often hand-made using wispy and delicate individual strands. The lashes are then attached to a coloured band, or a clear band, depending on your preferred style and make. Which Eye Shape Suits False Cat Eye Lashes? During their time in the industry, the pair seemingly discovered a niche in the market; and in their search to provide high-class and high-quality products, the Eylure false eyelash was born. Eylure lashes hit the mainstream Just like our bodies come in different shapes and sizes, it’s the same for our eyes. What may suit your bestie might not suit you.

How long do wispy lashes last? I hear you ask, well here’s your answer… How long do Wispy lashes last? The Eylure story began in the 1940s Britain with the Aylott brothers. The brothers worked as makeup artists (MUAs) in the film industry in Britain. But because they were unhappy with the quality of beauty products at the time, they started their own company, Eylure, and the rest is, as they say, lash history. Ardell has come up stumps by offering incredible definition provided by the style 371 of Ardell Lash Contour False Eyelashes. Two pairs of lashes in this super-value twin set with a fierce and flared style are included. Once applied, these gorgeous strip lashes’ lash clusters gradually lengthen and fill out to create a dramatic, elongating cat-eye look. How to Apply False Cat Eye Lashes For Best EffectsOnce you’ve perfected your false cat eye lash application, finish off with a coat of mascara to help blend with your natural lashes and set them in place. That’s it - cat eye look achieved.

Wispy lash extensions last 6 to 8 weeks because they fall out with your natural lashes and follow their natural development cycle. Since the year 2009, Eylure has been successfully connecting with celebs to promote their brand awareness. To do this, they have also outlined how simple false lashes and their applications can be by making use of household names and famous faces. Ah, Eylure! The iconic lash brand is beloved by makeup artists and beauty gurus alike. But are the lashes vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and reusable? That’s what we’re here to answer. Let’s look at all things Eylure so you can decide on the best lashes for your needs and ethical views. How Eylure began To help keep your false cat eye lash in tip-top condition, use a cotton bud soaked in micellar water to gently remove any glue residue on the band before storing away. Proper care and storage will extend the life of your cat eye false lashes. Secure the inner corner — use tweezers or a lash applicator tool to secure the inner corner of the false eyelash in place. A good, strong connection for the inner corner of the lash will help the lashes stay in place for longer.Because cat eye lashes are so popular, many styles are available from top lash brands. Eylure, Ardell, W7, House of Lashes, Eyecha, Dose of Lashes and Doll Beauty all offer a range of cat eye lashes to suit different types and preferences. Bold styles created by adding feather lashes and feline-like Eylure strip lashe s can be perfect for the party or festival look, or even if you feel like giving yourself a boost. A few top tips...

If you want the perfect lash to give your eyes more volume, look no further. These Eylure false eyelashe s are definitely the most popular amongst the Eylure Volume range and i t's easy to see why. The sexy cat eye look has never been out of fashion. Today, false eyelashes are an incredibly popular way to achieve the cat eye look. A vast array of false cat eye lashes are available, from subtle everyday styles that enhance your natural beauty to stunning dramatic cat eye lashes that add maximum glamour. How To Get The Cat Eye Look – The Fast And Easy Way Y ou can easily stay smudge-free with false eyelashes and transform your look dramatically or subtly. It’s really up to you, and there’s an option to suit whichever style or mood you’re feeling on any given day. Creating a unique style with Eylure

Creating definition with Eylure lashes

Applying wispy individual lashes takes longer and is very difficult to do on your own lashes, so if you want to apply your own wispy lashes, the strip style wispy lash extensions are the best option. Cat eye makeup and lashes have been around for centuries and were made famous by the iconic Cleopatra in Ancient Egypt. The trend began with kohl around the eyes, then cat eyeliner and finally cat eye style false eyelashes, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that the look took off in Europe. Eylure is revolutionising false eyelashes with our latest innovation. The ProMagnetic eyeliner allows you to adhere your magnetic lashes without any difficulties (or need for glue). PRO TIP 1: To get the best look for your eye shape start with a light layer. Continue to build a fuller line with your 2nd and 3rd coat Struggling to decide which falsies to buy? Read our guide on lashes to suit your eye shape , and you'll soon discover which lash styles are best suited to your unique eyes. From w ispy hybrid lashes and w ispy Russian lashes to w ispy classic lashes, you'll find your perfect lashes here.

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