The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

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The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London

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I do not recommend reading this one and I’m tempted to not read anymore of Garth Nix’s books because I’m terrified that’s what they will all be like.

Moreau, it is a time frame that resonates with me–Your tolerance for Boy George and the A to Z road atlas may vary. A very different type of fantasy (more of a British urban fantasy) from Garth Nix than the last one of his that I read, Angel Mage.The story in this one is set in 1983 making it historical but is a alternate version of history in the city of London. It creates too much distance between the characters and the reader - give me first person POV and I'm happy so this is definitely a preference thing. On est plongés très rapidement dans l’ambiance et l’univers, c’est bien pensé et très bien mené, le concept est, comme je le disais, très original et c’est addictif.

There is a little bit of romance too but very little - just enough to enjoy without getting in the way of a thoroughly good adventure. He pulls on his memories from his first trip to the United Kingdom in 1983 (among other things, he hiked the Old Man of Coniston, a famous mountain in the Lake District) and his past experience working as a bookseller. It's plot forward, not a lot of characterization or world building beyond the series of dangers the characters face, often in a row like a gauntlet. And also because, well, she’s caught his eye, though Susan doesn’t quite trust this overly-charming young man and is determined to keep him at arm’s length. I was gripped with the fast pace of the story and enjoyed the alternate London and being in this fantasy world for a couple of days.He’s also somewhat gender-fluid (apparently booksellers have the ability to shift sexes if they choose) and enjoys wearing the occasional dress, though after establishing this early on, Nix doesn’t follow through on this point and pretty much completely drops it, leaving me muttering about Chekhov’s gun.

But instead of showing the reader fun and quirky Britishisms, we are bored to tears with "they turned down this road and then stopped at this road and ended up on this road". This book uses one of my favorite Urban Fantasy tropes, where a normal person gets sucked into a secret world hidden within our own.It felt like most of the book was just to fill the pages and then the plot happend so quickly and it was just strange, like really? The left-handed booksellers are the physical fighters while the right-handed ones are more intellectual and wields magic. Nix's complex system of angelic magic, and the toll it takes, is fascinating, and he weaves an exciting adventure full of intrigue and action while portraying women in power in a refreshingly casual way. The Left-Handed Booksellers of London follows the journey of Susan Arkshaw, 18 and about to begin art school, on a hunt for a father she's never known, as she's flung into the dangers of that magical world in the space of a few hours.

He’s a bit like Howl from Diana Wynn Jones’ Howl's Moving Castle— a bit vain, clothes-obsessed, high maintenance eccentric fashionista who’s at first hard to take seriously, but who underneath the annoyingly glitzy vanity hides tons of heart and confident competence and irresistible charisma. The main character, Susan, knows nothing about the magic system, so we find out about it at same time she does. The beginning was a bit rough in the sense that the main character, Susan, has no idea what is going on and no one will tell her anything. Garth Nix has worked as a bookseller, book sales representative, publicist, editor, marketing consultant and literary agent. Any setting other than current times will do as far as I'm concerned, but I found 80's London to be especially vibrant and fascinating.My favorites were the ones with the Grandmother(s), the wolf, and the undine, where the writing started to remind me of Charles deLint.

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