The Con (Tempted By A Married BBW): A BBW Erotic Short Story

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The Con (Tempted By A Married BBW): A BBW Erotic Short Story

The Con (Tempted By A Married BBW): A BBW Erotic Short Story

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Don’t worry though, I need the money, and I’m big enough and ugly enough not to get too ’close’ to her. Slowly, I could feel Aubrey’s lips parting, and the tip of her warm, wet tongue pushing gently into my mouth. My cock, straining against the gusset of my own panties, gave a violent lurch as the vision of my Mistress’ voluptuous bosom filled my mind, and I instinctively felt a damp patch start to spread over the material. I could tell that Aubrey was rapidly losing herself the role of Mistress: locks of my hair were now twisted around her fingers, and I could feel her thighs gently beginning to quiver as she slowly increased the pressure of her touch, smothering my face between her legs.

The stupid grin had turned slowly into a mocking sneer, and with a rush of fury, I suddenly hurled myself across the room, leaping as I closed the distance. Later that day, as the last few members of our team threw on hats and coats and surged out of the office for end-of-the-week drinks at the pub a few doors down the street, Aubrey and I found ourselves standing blissfully alone in the atrium. Understand, though, that nothing of what goes on between us, or any word of my relationship with Leonard, must become common knowledge at the office. The formalities over, we busied ourselves with dressing, tidying the office, and generally cleaning up, then dashed downstairs to the tube station. Slowly, as the pace and force of Colin’s thrusts increased, I allowed more and more of his eight inches into my mouth, but I carefully retained my grip on the shaft, know long that my sensitive gag-reflect wouldn’t permit me to take more than about half.

She shifted slightly, leaning over Colin once again and stroking his face, turning his head towards her as she offered the nipple to him. I swallowed greedily, noticing that Colin’s cum tasted somewhat sweeter than my own, but still very enjoyable, and as I allowed his softening cock to slip from between my lips, I made sure to catch the last few drops, licking my lips so that Aubrey, leaning over for a kiss, was able to taste him too. I was dumb-struck: how I kept helping Aubrey achieve these new heights of pleasure I had no idea, but at least my instincts seemed sound enough. In spite of the risk of further incurring his displeasure, I couldn’t help allowing myself a grin; as expected, my reaction earned me a ’see what I mean’ incline of the head and a warning slap on the arm. She was in full ’Domme mode’ again, and this was her way of telling Colin to stay exactly where he was, or she’d crush the breath out of him in an instant.

fbb hugebbw goddes muscular muscle woman heavy metal cosplay viking alpha woman smash her skinny boyfriend between her big muscle boobs pecs her huge arms arround his neck femaledomination phisical role! Slowly, I stalked to the door and glanced down the corridor: seeing that it was deserted, I spun on my heel and sprinted back across the room, hurling myself into my girlfriend’s open arms and gazing deeply into her hazel eyes. Desperate to distract myself, I tugged Aubrey’s panties down over her ample thighs, diving forward as they slid the rest of the way to the floor. Her first major assignment is to conduct a photo shoot with bad boy billionaire Cain Marks, the popular celebrity chef known for his gourmet dishes and string of 5-star restaurants.I didn’t care that I was stark naked; I just dropped to my knees, straddling his stomach, a fist poised above his shocked face. He then bent her over and filled her up with his boner in all kinds of positions before cumming on her. Abandoned by her parents at a nunnery by the side of an ancient forest, Riona has always known that she was different. Please Mistress," I begged urgently, feeling myself rapidly closing in on my own orgasm, "please may I cum for you? The Ultimate Complete BBW Erotic Romance Collection: Big, Bigger, Busty and Curvy Girls Erotica Stories - (Over 800 Pages).

Before she knows it she has to choose whether to submit to his increasingly demanding sensual attentions.I gazed in rapt attention as Aubrey strode across the room, her tight arse swaying from side to side with each step, and the smooth flesh of her ample inner thighs rippling as she showed her powerful muscles. Allowing my lips to part so that he slipped easily into my mouth, and taking care to form a tight seal, I began sucking greedily, my tongue flicking against the tip. Howard," Aubrey growled, a note of menace in her voice, "if you don’t leave him be, I’m telling you now, we’re finished.

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